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Title: Effect of ZrO2 loading on the structure, acidity, and catalytic activity of the SO4 2-/ZrO2/MCM-41 acid catalyst
Authors: Xia, Q.-H. 
Hidajat, K. 
Kawi, S. 
Keywords: Acidity
SO4 2-/ZrO2/MCM-41
Solid acid
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Xia, Q.-H., Hidajat, K., Kawi, S. (2002). Effect of ZrO2 loading on the structure, acidity, and catalytic activity of the SO4 2-/ZrO2/MCM-41 acid catalyst. Journal of Catalysis 205 (2) : 318-331. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The regular hexagonal structure of siliceous MCM-41 with a uniform mesopore size is still maintained after 48.5 wt% ZrO2 loading. Under high loadings (≥26.7%) of ZrO2, a very small amount of ZrO2 clusters (present as tetragonal ZrO2 phase) might be formed inside or outside the MCM-41 structure. The hydrophobicity of the SO4 2-/ZrO2/MCM-41 catalysts is stepwise enhanced by increasing the ZrO2 loading. The covalent S=O band 1378-cm-1 for the SO4 2-/ZrO2 catalyst shifts to 1363 cm-1 for SO4 2-/ZrO2/MCM-41 materials. Under identical ZrO2 loading, SO4 2-/ZrO2/MCM-41 has stronger Brønsted and Lewis acidities than PMSZM/ZrO2 (physical mixture of SO4 2-/ZrO2 and MCM-41). The SO4 2-/ZrO2/MCM-41 catalysts show high activity with a selective conversion of >95 mol% ButOH to MTBE at low temperatures below 160°C, further showing the excellent on-stream stability of these catalysts for this reaction. The rather poor activity of PMSZM/ZrO2 catalysts has been ascribed to their weak acidity. © 2002 Elsevier Science.
Source Title: Journal of Catalysis
ISSN: 00219517
DOI: 10.1006/jcat.2001.3424
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