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Title: Significance of the 3′-terminal region in minus-strand RNA synthesis of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus
Authors: Wang, H.-H. 
Wong, S.-M. 
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Source: Wang, H.-H., Wong, S.-M. (2004-06). Significance of the 3′-terminal region in minus-strand RNA synthesis of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus. Journal of General Virology 85 (6) : 1763-1776. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) was solubilized from crude extracts of Hibiscus cannabinus infected by Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus (HCRSV), a member of the Carmoviridae. After treatment of the extracts with micrococcal nuclease to remove the endogenous templates, the full-length genomic RNA and the two subgenomic RNAs were efficiently synthesized by the partially purified RdRp complex in vitro. When the full-length RNAs of Potato virus X, Tobacco mosaic virus, Odontoglossum ringspot virus and Cucumber mosaic virus were used as templates, no detectable RNA was synthesized. Synthesis of HCRSV minus-strand RNA was shown to initiate opposite the 3′-terminal two C residues at the 3′ end in vitro and in vivo. The CCC-3′ terminal nucleotide sequence was optimal and nucleotide variations from CCC-3′ diminished minus-strand synthesis. In addition, two putative stem-loops (SLs) located within the 3′-terminal 87 nt of HCRSV plus-strand RNA were also essential for minus-strand RNA synthesis. Deletion or disruption of the structure of these two SLs severely reduced or abolished RNA synthesis. HCRSV RNA in which the two SLs were replaced with the SLs of Turnip crinkle virus could replicate in kenaf protoplasts, indicating that functionally conserved structure, rather than nucleotide sequence, plays an important role in the minus-strand synthesis of HCRSV. Taken together, the specific sequence CCC at the 3′ terminus and the two SLs structures located in the 3′UTR are essential for efficient minus-strand synthesis of HCRSV. © 2004 SGM.
Source Title: Journal of General Virology
ISSN: 00221317
DOI: 10.1099/vir.0.79861-0
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