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Title: Implementation of shingled magnetic recording towards a few grains per bit.
Keywords: Shingled magnetic recording, Media noise, Transition jitter, Areal density, Super-paramagnetic limit
Issue Date: 26-Mar-2013
Source: ANG SHIMING (2013-03-26). Implementation of shingled magnetic recording towards a few grains per bit.. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Current conventional hard disks used for data storage are facing limitations to the areal density. Super-paramagnetic limit is one of the crucial factors constraining the size of the magnetic grains. Shingle writing is seen to be one of the possible cost effective ways to improve the areal density yet without many changes to the current conventional recording media and head structure. Different types of magnetic recording, longitudinal and perpendicular and read channels including conventional Viterbi and LDPC based channels are reviewed. The thesis also looked at the write process induced media noise, transition jitter noise occurrences using a Guzik spin-stand. Track edge noise trends are also investigated using spectrum analyzer For similar media and head configuration, the shingle system is able to achieve an areal density of 775 Gbpsi at linear density of 1450 kbpi which is much higher as compared to 475 Gbpsi at linear density of 1800 kbpi.
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