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Title: Ion beam writing and modification for integrated optics
Keywords: Proton beam writing, Whispering gallery modes, FDTD simulation, Microlasers, Optical waveguides, Unidirectional emission,
Issue Date: 25-Jan-2013
Source: VANGA SUDHEER KUMAR (2013-01-25). Ion beam writing and modification for integrated optics. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Light ion beams (like hydrogen and helium) can be used for lithographically de fining structures in resist, or for directly modifying materials. When used for lithography, focused proton beams are able to achieve structures with straight and smooth sidewalls with high aspect ratio, free from proximity effects. The focused proton beam writing (PBW) was employed to fabricate optical components for integrated optics. A whispering gallery mode (WGM) microdisk resonator was fabricated using PBW and optically characterized at telecommunications wavelengths. We demonstrate that they can be potentially used as resonators and for wavelength filters. The same microresonator was fabricated in dye doped polymer to investigate active lasing under optical pumping. The microlaser designs based on circular WGM resonators showed omni- directional lasing which is undesirable for the practical applications. To make the WGM based microlasers directional, a variety of cavity designs were explored. Further, to improve the threshold input pump fluence, three dimensional suspended microlasers were also fabricated using PBW. Ion beam irradiation was used to modify the optical characteristics of several single crystal materials. Optical waveguides were fabricated using PBW in single crystal type IIa CVD grown Diamonds and the waveguide characteristics, ion beam induced effects were characterized spectroscopically. The proton and helium ion beam writing was used to define optical waveguides and lasers in various nonlinear crystals. The performance of these optical components will be discussed in detail.
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