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Title: Studies on nanostructured metal oxides as prospective anodes for lithium ion batteries
Keywords: Nanofibres, nanowires, nanoparticles, metal oxides, anodes, Lithium ion battery
Issue Date: 24-Jan-2013
Citation: CHRISTIE THOMAS CHERIAN (2013-01-24). Studies on nanostructured metal oxides as prospective anodes for lithium ion batteries. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Anode materials for lithium ion batteries can be classified into three different categories based on their energy storage mechanisms: intercalation- based materials, conversion-reaction-based materials and alloying-reaction based materials. Li-cycling performances of doped anatase-TiO2, a Li-intercalation material and its ball-milled rutile counterpart are investigated. `Conversion? reaction based iron oxides are prepared in nano-scale by electrospinning and it electrochemical performance is evaluated. Molybdates are synthesized by polymer precursor method and citric acid assisted microwave assisted method to tune the particle size and morphology. The role of counter cations and effect of morphology on the Li-cycling behaviour of molybdates have been studied. Finally, nanostrustures of tin based oxides which undergo Li-cycling via alloying/de-alloying reaction are synthesized and the importance of the choice of voltage range on its Li-cycling performance is elucidated. Thus representative materials from each group are prepared and the effects of cycling voltage range, particle size and morphology on the anodic performance are investigated.
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