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Title: Stereo Correspondence and Depth Recovery of Single-lens Bi-prism Based Stereovision System
Keywords: stereo correspondence, depth recovery, single-lens, optical prism, stereovision, ray sketching
Issue Date: 21-Jan-2013
Source: ZHAO MEIJUN (2013-01-21). Stereo Correspondence and Depth Recovery of Single-lens Bi-prism Based Stereovision System. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In this thesis, the 2D images pair is captured simultaneously by a passive single-lens binocular stereovision system using a bi-prism. The image of the 3D physical scene is split by the prism into two different sub-images, which are regarded as image pair acquired by two virtual cameras. Two approaches are developed for the stereo correspondence and 3D scene recovery: camera calibration and ray sketching approaches. The first approach yields the relationship between a point in the 2D digital image and the corresponding 3D world point, given by a linear 3 by 4 projection matrix. The ray sketching approach bases on the geometrical characteristics and the optical principles of the system to solve the correspondence problem. A specially designed experimental setup, with high precision was fabricated to conduct experiments. The results show that both approaches are effective and robust.
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