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Title: "有所"的句法、语义和词汇化研究 = A Study on the Syntax, Semantics and Lexicalizaion of "Yousuo" in Chinese
Authors: 段晓燕
Keywords: yousuo –V you-V wusuo Syncrinic/Diachronic Lexicalization
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2013
Citation: 段晓燕,DUAN XIAOYAN (2013-01-30). "有所"的句法、语义和词汇化研究 = A Study on the Syntax, Semantics and Lexicalizaion of "Yousuo" in Chinese. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The word "yousuo" in Chinese is very common, but it hasn?t been collected in any dictionary ,and is understood by native speakers with deviations. As for the reasons, it maybe on the one hand is for the word?s special source, and on the other hand for its inadequate research: such as its meaning, its word class, and its use and so on. From the synchronic perspective, by comparison with the Mandarin structure "you-V",we study the access conditions of the "V" in "yousuo-V" structure, and the constructional meaning of the whole structure "yousuo-V" We find that four types of verbs can enter the "yousuo V" structure and the other three types of verbs can not. The constructional meaning of the "yousuo V" structure is :the event "V" and the change from "V" exist or happen,but the extent of the change is not large. From the diachronic perspective, we summarize the lexicalizational process of "yousuo",and also explore the conditions, mechanisms and motives of the process. We believe that in the process of lexicalization of "yousuo",the most important condition is that a large number of intransitive verbs began to enter "yousuo V" structure. In the process, the mechanisms of "analogy" and "re-analysis" play a significant role.As for the motivation, we attribut to a misunderstanding in the interpretation of some "yousuo V" structure whose preposition structure contains a deletion ,and also the Chinese two-tone trend.At last,we compare "yousuo" and "wusuo" which seem like a pair of antonyms,and summarize the diachronic and synchronic symmetries and asymmetries between "yousuo" and "wusuo".
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