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Title: Analysis of Electromigration Behavior in Giant Magnetoresistance Spin Valve Read Sensors
Keywords: Electromigration, thermomigration, giant magnetoresistance, spin valve read sensors, electrical and magnetic reliability
Issue Date: 3-Feb-2012
Source: ZENG DINGGUI (2012-02-03). Analysis of Electromigration Behavior in Giant Magnetoresistance Spin Valve Read Sensors. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Recently, research interests on the electrical and magnetic reliability of giant magnetoresistance spin valves (GMR SVs) and magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) induced by electromigration (EM) failures have been dramatically increased in spintronics devices, such as a GMR SV read sensor and a toggle switching GMR or MTJ based magnetic random access memory (MRAM), due to the geometrically-induced higher operating current density, J > 2?10^7 A/cm^2, and larger local temperature gradient in the multilayered thin films. In this work, the EM behavior and physical mechanisms of GMR SV read sensors stressed by both electrical and magnetic fields and the underlying physical reasons responsible for the different electrical and magnetic failures of GMR SVs in different sensor configurations (i.e., current-in-plane (CIP), current-perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) and current-confined-path (CCP)-CPP) have been investigated. Experimental and theoretical studies were carried out to explore of the effects of magnetic filed on EM characteristics in GMR SV read sensors during retrieving operation. The observed EM acceleration under magnetic field was interpreted in terms of Hall and GMR effects. Furthermore, the electrical and magnetic failure mechanisms of CIP, CPP, and CCP-CPP GMR SV read sensors have been numerically analyzed. It was revealed that the read sensors in these different configurations showed completely different failure mechanisms due to the different mass transport caused by the different current and temperature distributions.
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