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Title: Procedural Modeling and Constrained Morphing of Leaves
Keywords: leaf modeling, constrained leaf morphing, procedural generation, organic modeling, leaf space
Issue Date: 3-May-2011
Citation: SAURABH GARG (2011-05-03). Procedural Modeling and Constrained Morphing of Leaves. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Leaf modeling is a very important and challenging problem because of the wide variations in the shape, size, and structure of the leaves among different species of plants. The main drawback of existing methods for synthesizing leaves is that they are non-intuitive and tedious to use. With these methods, leaves of different shapes are either reconstructed from images individually or defined by different sets of complex rules. In this paper, we present a novel parametric leaf model based on botanical considerations for generating the geometric shape of a wide variety of leaves. The shape of the leaf is represented by a set of landmark points on the leaf boundary and tangents to the boundary at these points. The geometric shape of a leaf is generated by fitting quadratic B-spline curves to the landmark points and tangents. The proposed leaf model is intuitive and can be used to generate multiple instances of a leaf, each having the same overall shape but differs slightly in detail. In addition, a leaf morphing method is proposed for morphing leaf shapes in the parametric leaf space. Reference leaf shapes can be easily specified by the user as soft constraints for leaf morphing. Given the source, target, and reference shapes, a NURBS curve is fitted over them in the leaf space to generate a smooth morphing path, which is then used to synthesize the specific leaf shapes along the path. This method can produce smooth morphing of leaf shapes for simulating leaf growth and for computer animation applications.
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