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Title: Immobilized enzymes and chemical catalysts on nanoporous SBA-15 for biodiesel production via transesterification
Keywords: transesterification, heterogeneous catalysts, mesoporous SBA-15, biodiesel
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2011
Citation: WARINTORN THITSARTARN (2011-08-05). Immobilized enzymes and chemical catalysts on nanoporous SBA-15 for biodiesel production via transesterification. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The utilization of solid catalysts for transesterification of oil with methanol to biodiesel has been of great interest. Since solid catalysts generally showed lower catalytic activity than liquid catalysts, proper catalyst supports are crucial to significantly enhance the catalytic performance of solid catalysts for transesterification. Therefore, this thesis is aimed to improve the catalytic performance of solid catalysts by using mesoporous SBA-15 as the catalyst support. Three major types of catalysts have been applied in this thesis: sulfated zirconia, mixed CaO-CeO2 oxides (prepared by simple gel-formation via co-precipitation) and Candida antarctica lipase as the acid, base and bio-catalysts, respectively. Mesoporous SBA-15 is found to provide large surface area and suitable pore size to disperse the acid, base or enzymatic sites, resulting in the increase of the activity of chemical and bio-catalysts for transesterification. The strong interaction between the acid or base catalyst and SBA-15 support further enhances the catalyst activity and stability by increasing the acidity / basicity of active acid / basic sites, preventing the agglomeration and leaching of catalyst components during transesterification reaction. The suitable pore size and easy surface-modification of SBA-15 further enhance the performance of the immobilized lipase in transesterification by increasing the accessibility of oil to the immobilized enzyme molecules and reducing the enzyme leaching from the catalyst support. These results clearly illustrate the potential of SBA-15 mesoporous support to improve the performance of acid, base and enzyme catalysts for biodiesel production. This work opens up the potential application of SBA-15 as the commercial catalyst support for green and environmentally-benign catalysts for biodiesel production.
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