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Title: 沈祖棻与女性词: 试论《涉江词》的忧患意识与闺中柔情 = Shen Zu Fen and Women Ci Lyrics: Social Consciousness and Boudoir Feelings in She Jiang Ci
Authors: 翁彦明
Keywords: Shen Zu Fen, Ci lyric, Boudoir feelings, Social consciousness, Women poets, Republican China
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2012
Citation: 翁彦明,ANG YAN MING (2012-01-19). 沈祖棻与女性词: 试论《涉江词》的忧患意识与闺中柔情 = Shen Zu Fen and Women Ci Lyrics: Social Consciousness and Boudoir Feelings in She Jiang Ci. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Shen Zu Fen is known as one of the most talented female poets of the twentieth century. Born in a time of turmoil and civil unrest, she is particularly famous for her work She Jiang Ci, a collection of 516 ci lyrics written predominantly between 1932 and 1949. Because of the acute social consciousness in her ci lyrics, she is known by many scholars as a patriotic poet. This thesis is an attempt to discover the complexities of Shen?s ci lyrics by focusing not only on the poet?s social consciousness, but also on the palpable boudoir feelings in her poetry. As such, the term ?patriotic poet? is not enough to encompass the dual intricacies of her poetry; while Shen is indeed patriotic, it is important not to neglect the fact that she has also written poetry that focuses on traditionally ?feminine? emotions such as love, melancholy and yearning. Shen plays a significant role in the history of Chinese women poetry. While the woman poets of pre-modern China are circumscribed by the constraints of the boudoir in terms of imagery, context, space and thought, Shen is able to step out of the boudoir and reflect on the social consequences of war and history. On the other hand, unlike some female poets in the Republican period, the setting in her ci lyrics is often that of the boudoir, and she is candid and comfortable with her femininity. The first chapter of this thesis consists of a literature review on ci lyric studies in the Republican period, women poetry from late Imperial China to modern times, and studies on Shen. The second chapter is focused on women poetry in the Ming-Qing period, with particular focus on the significances of the boudoir. The third chapter is focused on the field of the ci lyric in Republican China, and how it relates to Shen. The fourth and fifth chapters focus on the social consciousness and boudoir feelings of Shen?s ci lyrics respectively. The sixth chapter concludes the thesis. In conclusion, Shen is influenced by the cultural traditions of the Ming-Qing women, but she is able to break through the constraints of the boudoir, seamlessly merging both social consciousness and boudoir feelings into her poetry. Thus, She Jiang Ci is a truly unique work, and is aesthetically significant to the development of women ci lyric.
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