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Title: Genetic determinants of pre-eclampsia: HLA-G and KIR2DL4 alleles/haplotypes and risk of pre-eclampsia in a malay population
Keywords: pre-eclampsia; haplotype; HLA-G; KIR2DL4; pregnancy; placenta
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2009
Citation: TAN CHIA YEE (2009-04-20). Genetic determinants of pre-eclampsia: HLA-G and KIR2DL4 alleles/haplotypes and risk of pre-eclampsia in a malay population. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Pre-eclampsia (PE) is a leading cause of maternal and fetal mortality andmorbidity. HLA-G is expressed predominantly on fetal extravillous trophoblasts thatinvade the maternal decidua during pregnancy and has been postulated to beimportant in the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy. It has been thought that HLA-Gexerts its protective functions through its inhibitory receptor, KIR2DL4, expressed onmaternal natural killer cells. Therefore, alleles/haplotypes of HLA-G and KIR2DL4were tested in a case-control study of 83 PE and 240 normotensive Malay women todetermine if particular alleles or combinations of different alleles may predisposewomen to PE. Case-control comparisons showed that risk for PE was significantlyassociated with fetal allele G*0106 (p=0.002, OR=5.0, 95%CI=1.8-13.8) but notmaternal HLA-G. No significant association was observed between KIR2DL4 allelesand PE in both maternal and fetal groups. Gene-gene interaction analyses showedthat combinations of maternal 2DL4*006 and fetal G*0106 significantly increases riskof PE (p<0.001). Therefore, fetal G*0106 significantly increases risk for PE inpregnancies where the mother carries the 2DL4*006 allele.
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