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Title: Nano mechanical characterisation of a single electrospun nanofiber
Authors: NG SIN YEE
Keywords: nanofiber, nanomechanical characterization, PCL, AFM,Tensile Test,Electrospinning
Issue Date: 29-May-2006
Citation: NG SIN YEE (2006-05-29). Nano mechanical characterisation of a single electrospun nanofiber. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Mechanical characterization of a single polymeric nanofiber is crucial in order to predict the failure condition of fibrous scaffolds for use in tissue engineering. The relationship between microstructure and mechanical property of single electrospun nanofiber is still unknown although it was reported that crystallinity and molecular orientation determines the strength of a fiber. Based on tensile test results, we show that ductility of single electropsun nanofibers increases with increasing concentration but decreases with increasing crystallinity. Furthermore, mechanical properties are diameter-dependent due to the occurrence of crystallization during or after electrospinning, which induces the formation of either fibrillar or lamellar structures. This study provides direct visualization of microstructural rearrangement of nanofiber by using atomic force microscopy (AFM). AFM phase image shows that the deformation behaviour of single nanofibers can be elucidated by a series of microstructural rearrangements during critical stages of tensile loading, namely linear elastic deformation, yielding, plateau and strain hardening.
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