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Title: Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring cell death in higher eukaryotes
Authors: Galluzzi, L.
Castedo, M.
Kepp, O.
Morselli, E.
Vitale, I.
Kroemer, G.
Castedo, M.
Aaronson, S.A.
Abrams, J.
Alnemri, E.S.
Andrews, D.W.
Baehrecke, E.H.
Bazan, N.G.
Blagosklonny, M.V.
Blomgren, K.
Blomgren, K.
Borner, C.
Bredesen, D.E.
Brenner, C.
Cidlowski, J.A.
Ciechanover, A.
Cohen, G.M.
Melino, G.
Nicotera, P.
De, Laurenzi V.
De, Maria R.
Deshmukh, M.
Dynlacht, B.D.
El-Deiry, W.S.
Flavell, R.A.
Levine, B.
Steller, H.
Fulda, S.
Garrido, C.
Golstein, P.
Gougeon, M.-L.
Green, D.R.
Gronemeyer, H.
Hajnoczky, G.
Hardwick, J.M.
Hengartner, M.O.
Ichijo, H.
Jaattela, M.
Kimchi, A.
Klionsky, D.J.
Knight, R.A.
Kornbluth, S.
Kumar, S.
Levine, B.
Lipton, S.A.
Vandenabeele, P.
Lugli, E.
Madeo, F.
Malorni, W.
Marine, J.-C.W.
Martin, S.J.
Medema, J.P.
Mehlen, P.
Moll, U.M.
Nagata, S.
Nicholson, D.W.
Nunez, G.
Oren, M.
Penninger, J.
Pervaiz, S. 
Peter, M.E.
Piacentini, M.
Prehn, J.H.M.
Puthalakath, H.
Rabinovich, G.A.
Rizzuto, R.
Rodrigues, C.M.P.
Rubinsztein, D.C.
Rudel, T.
Scorrano, L.
Simon, H.-U.
Tschopp, J.
Tsujimoto, Y.
Vandenabeele, P.
Vousden, K.H.
Youle, R.J.
Yuan, J.
Zhivotovsky, B.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Galluzzi, L., Castedo, M., Kepp, O., Morselli, E., Vitale, I., Kroemer, G., Castedo, M., Aaronson, S.A., Abrams, J., Alnemri, E.S., Andrews, D.W., Baehrecke, E.H., Bazan, N.G., Blagosklonny, M.V., Blomgren, K., Blomgren, K., Borner, C., Bredesen, D.E., Brenner, C., Cidlowski, J.A., Ciechanover, A., Cohen, G.M., Melino, G., Nicotera, P., De, Laurenzi V., De, Maria R., Deshmukh, M., Dynlacht, B.D., El-Deiry, W.S., Flavell, R.A., Levine, B., Steller, H., Fulda, S., Garrido, C., Golstein, P., Gougeon, M.-L., Green, D.R., Gronemeyer, H., Hajnoczky, G., Hardwick, J.M., Hengartner, M.O., Ichijo, H., Jaattela, M., Kimchi, A., Klionsky, D.J., Knight, R.A., Kornbluth, S., Kumar, S., Levine, B., Lipton, S.A., Vandenabeele, P., Lugli, E., Madeo, F., Malorni, W., Marine, J.-C.W., Martin, S.J., Medema, J.P., Mehlen, P., Moll, U.M., Nagata, S., Nicholson, D.W., Nunez, G., Oren, M., Penninger, J., Pervaiz, S., Peter, M.E., Piacentini, M., Prehn, J.H.M., Puthalakath, H., Rabinovich, G.A., Rizzuto, R., Rodrigues, C.M.P., Rubinsztein, D.C., Rudel, T., Scorrano, L., Simon, H.-U., Tschopp, J., Tsujimoto, Y., Vandenabeele, P., Vousden, K.H., Youle, R.J., Yuan, J., Zhivotovsky, B. (2009). Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring cell death in higher eukaryotes. Cell Death and Differentiation 16 (8) : 1093-1107. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Source Title: Cell Death and Differentiation
ISSN: 13509047
DOI: 10.1038/cdd.2009.44
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