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Title: The roles of yeast Niemann-Pick C proteins in sterol metabolism
Authors: ZHENG LI
Keywords: Niemann Pick C1, NCR1, Niemann Pick C2, NCR2, budding yeast, sterol transport
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2008
Citation: ZHENG LI (2008-08-21). The roles of yeast Niemann-Pick C proteins in sterol metabolism. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Niemann Pick Disease type C (NP-C) is characterized by accumulation of free cholesterol and glycosphingolipids within the endosomal/lysosomal system in various cell types. Mutations in NPC1 and NPC2 genes result in the clinical and biochemical NPC phenotype. Ncr1p and Ncr2p have been identified as the ortholog of NPC1 and NPC2 in the budding yeast S.cerevisiae. In this study, we sought three conditions that can trigger sterol movement from subcellular organelles in budding yeast, including acute glucose starvation, overexpression of ERG6 gene, and nitrogen starvation triggered autophagy. Based on the observations under these conditions, we propose that the primordial function of Ncr1p is to help recycle sterols from the yeast vacuole during prolonged starvation when membrane lipids or lipid droplets are ingested by the yeast vacuole for reuse. We also speculate that Ncr2p might function as a carrier that prevents unregulated intercalation of sterols and/or fatty acids into the vacuole membrane.
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