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Title: Silicon micromachined resonant accelerometer with CMOS interface circuits
Authors: HE LIN
Keywords: MEMS oscillator resonant accelerometer phase noise
Issue Date: 11-May-2009
Source: HE LIN (2009-05-11). Silicon micromachined resonant accelerometer with CMOS interface circuits. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This research focused on the design of a low noise, high stability silicon resonantaccelerometer. It covered a range from the theory to the system implementation. First, themechanisms that give rise to the unexpected phase noise and bias instability wereexplored with a theoretical study. In this theoretical study, state-space theory is applied toan ideal nonlinear oscillator with an ideal position sensor, an ideal velocity sensor, and anautomatic amplitude control (AAC) loop. A quantitative phase noise model is thusderived. It soundly proved that despite of the nonlinearities in a MEMS resonator, theresultant phase noise is still governed by a linear transfer function to the noise sources inthe oscillator loop and amplitude control loop.Guided by the derive model, a fully-differential MEMS oscillator circuit wasdesigned for SOI resonant accelerometer. A differential sense resonator is proposed tofacilitate fully-differential circuit topology and improves the SNR under a 3.3-V supply.The oscillator circuit consisted of an oscillation loop and a low noise automatic amplitudecontrol (AAC) loop. The noise inside the oscillation loop was kept minimum by a lownoisecapacitive sense interface. The AAC loop contained a high-order loop filter and anovel chopper stabilized rectifier to remove the 1/f noise, and to minimize the phasenoise caused by the noise aliasing. The complete resonant accelerometer operates under a3.3-V supply and achieves 140-Hz/g scaling factor, 20 N<g/ Hz resolution and 4 N<g biasstability, which was the state of the art. The readout circuit draws 7-mA under 3.3-Vsupply.
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