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Title: “Race” and Multiracialism from “Below”? Interracial Couples and the Everyday Production of “Race” and Multiracial Space
Authors: Raedi Haizer
Keywords: everyday multiracialism, race, production of space, home, neighbourhood, body, counterspace
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Raedi Haizer (2017). “Race” and Multiracialism from “Below”? Interracial Couples and the Everyday Production of “Race” and Multiracial Space. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In this thesis, I examine the everyday (re)production of multiracial space in relation the Singapore’s changing (multi)racial landscape. I propose that interracial couples contain traces of other multiracial spatialities and other ways of being-“raced”-in-the-world. Drawing upon in-depth, semi-structured interviews, I suggest that interracial couples are contradictory presences in the abstract (multiracial) space of the public housing landscape. I argue that these couples disrupt a smooth (re)production of state-imagined “race” and multiracial space in and through the spaces that they occupy, thereby magnifying the less-than-capacious quality of the existing multiracial framework to reflect the state of everyday life in Singapore. Therefore, I dovetail existing works that adopt an ‘everyday’ approach to multiculturalism, giving focus to the day-to-day (spatial) practices and negotiations with how one may be “raced”. In doing so, I argue that the emergence of ‘counterspaces’ – spaces of counter-discourse – is an unremarkable part of the everyday. Harking back to wider debates around the limits of state-imagined multiracialism, I contend that the examination of the everyday lives of interracial couples can offer some glimpses of how existing “racial” categories are constraining and how these categories, too, are being strained from “below”.
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