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Title: Microextraction and microseparation techniques and applications
Issue Date: 31-May-2004
Citation: WEN XIUJUAN (2004-05-31). Microextraction and microseparation techniques and applications. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: With the trend towards miniaturization, microscale sample preparation techniquesare attracting more attention in analytical chemistry. This work focused on onemicroscale sample preparation approach a?? liquid-liquid-liquid microextraction(LLLME), which is quick, inexpensive and uses simple equipment found in mostanalytical laboratories. The development and applications of this microextractionprocedure including investigation of the parameters that influence extraction, and theevaluation of the applicability of the method to drug analysis are described.Firstly, the present work demonstrated the potential of LLLME for the enrichmentof basic drugs present in water samples with analysis by capillary electrophoresis(CE). Parameters that influenced the extraction efficiency were investigated. It provedto be an effective method for the analysis of amino alcohols from aqueous samples.Secondly, LLLME was combined with liquid chromatography-massspectrometry (LC-MS) for the analysis of drugs in biological matrices. This is thefirst report on the combination of LLLME and LC-MS. LLLME resulted in highpreconcentration and efficient sample clean-up. LLLME-LC-MS was demonstrated tobe a promising combination for drugs analysis in biological matrices.Thirdly, a novel two-step liquid-liquid-liquid microextraction technique wasdeveloped and applied to analyze two nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inwastewater sample with reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography.Key parameters like the concentration of donor and acceptor solutions and extractiontimes were investigated. Sensitivity enhancement of >15000-fold could be achieved.
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