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Title: Magnetic properties of Co-Ta thin films and their applications in magnetic tunnel junctions
Keywords: Magnetic tunnel junction, Cobalt, Tantalum, Tunneling Magnetoresistance, Crystal structure, Magnetic Force Microscope
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2004
Citation: FONG KIEN HOONG (2004-04-10). Magnetic properties of Co-Ta thin films and their applications in magnetic tunnel junctions. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) can become the next candidate for magnetic data storage devices. The structure of a MTJ consists of two ferromagnetic layers sandwiching a thin insulating layer. Co-Ta alloy was investigated and was found to exhibit vastly different magnetic properties when doped with different concentrations of Ta. The coercivity of Co-Ta films initially increases with the increase in Ta ratio, but starts to decrease rapidly until around 10 Oe once the ratio reaches beyond 15%. The changes in magnetic properties of the films are due to many factors, namely grain size, crystal orientations, crystallinity and magnetic domain configurations. MTJ devices of Ni80Fe20/Al2O3/Co tri-layer were fabricated using shadow masks. Devices were also fabricated using Co-Ta as the top electrode. The magnetoresistive ratios of the latter were lower than when Co was used. This was attributed to the presence of the non-magnetic Ta, which reduced the spin polarizations of Co.
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