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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Impulsivity and predictive control are associated with suboptimal action-selection and action-value learning in regular gamblersMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Jocham, Gerhard; Hunt, Laurence T.; Behrens, Timothy E. J.; Rogers, Robert David
4-Mar-2017The experience of gambling problems in British professional footballers: a preliminary qualitative studyMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Bowden-Jones, Henrietta; Salinas, Maria; Price, Jonathan R.; Goodwin, Guy Μ.; Geddes, John R.; Rogers, Robert David
1-Dec-2017Chinese Beliefs in Luck are Linked to Gambling Problems via Strengthened Cognitive Biases: A Mediation TestMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Robert D. Rogers
15-Jan-2018Ti1-xSnxO2 Nanofilms:Layer-by-layer Deposition with extended Sn solubility and CharacterizationYONG ZHIHUA ; Jiajun Linghu; Shibo Xi; Hui Ru Tan; SHEN LEI ; Yang Ping ; Hui Kim Hui; Jian Qing Cao; Meng Lee Leek; YIN XINMAO ; FENG YUAN PING ; Pan Jisheng 
12-Dec-2016Behavioural mHealth in developing countries: what about culture?Andre Matthias Mueller 
Oct-2014CREATE workshop 2014 : Leveraging mobile technology and social media in behavioral researchMarijn Stok; Laura Koenig; Johanna Nurmi; Andre Matthias Mueller 
12-Sep-2017The conceptualization of a Just-In-Time Adaptive Intervention (JITAI) for the reduction of sedentary behavior in older adultsAndre Matthias Mueller ; Ann Blandford; Lucy Yardley
7-Jan-2016Text Messaging for Exercise Promotion in Older Adults From an Upper-Middle-Income Country: Randomized Controlled TrialAndre Matthias Mueller ; Khoo, Selina; Morris, Tony
1-Mar-2016Past, Present, and Future of eHealth and mHealth Research to Improve Physical Activity and Dietary BehaviorsVandelanotte, Corneel; Andre Matthias Mueller ; Short, Camille E; Hingle, Melanie; Nathan, Nicole; Williams, Susan L; Lopez, Michael L; Parekh, Sanjoti; Maher, Carol A
1-May-2013Review of physical activity prevalence of Asian school-age children and adolescentsAndre Matthias Mueller; Khoo, Selina; Lambert, Roger
10-Mar-2014Non-face-to-face physical activity interventions in older adults: A systematic reviewAndre Matthias Mueller; Khoo, Selina
10-Oct-2016The effectiveness of e-& mHealth interventions to promote physical activity and healthy diets in developing countries: A systematic reviewAndre Matthias Mueller ; Stephanie Alley; Stephanie Schoeppe; Corneel Vandelanotte
Mar-2007Arkadia enhances Nodal/TGF-beta signaling by coupling phospho-Smad2/3 activity and turnoverMavrakis, Konstantinos J; Andrew, Rebecca L; Lee Kian Leong ; Petropoulou, Chariklia; Dixon, James E; Navaratnam, Naveenan; Norris, Dominic P; Episkopou, Vasso
12-Apr-2017Swarm Intelligence Based Particle Filter for Alternating Talker Localization and Tracking Using Microphone ArraysKai Wu; V. G. Reju; Andy W.H. Khong; Goh Shu Ting 
1-Aug-2017Identification of caries risk determinants in toddlers: Results of the gusto birth cohort StudyCAROLINA UN LAM ; Khin, L W; Kalhan, A C; Yee, R; LEE YUNG SENG ; MARY CHONG FOONG FONG ; Kwek, K; Saw Seang Mei ; Godfrey, K; CHONG YAP SENG ; HSU CHIN-YING,STEPHEN 
1-May-2017Effects of Antenatal Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Socio-Economic Status on Neonatal Brain Development are Modulated by Genetic RiskQiu Anqi ; Shen, Mojun; Buss, Claudia; CHONG YAP SENG ; Kwek, Yung Chiang Kenneth; Saw Seang Mei ; Gluckman, Peter D.; Wadhwa, Pathik D.; Entringer, Sonja; Styner, Martin Andreas; Karnani, Neerja; Heim, Christine M.; O'Donnell Kieran J.; Holbrook, Joanna; Fortier, Marielle V.; Meaney, Michael Joseph
1-Jul-2017Postnatal height and adiposity gain, childhood blood pressure and prehypertension risk in an Asian birth cohortAris, I M; Bernard, J Y; Chen Ling Wei ; Mya Thway Tint ; Lim, W Y; Soh, S E; Saw Seang Mei ; SHEK PEI-CHI,LYNETTE ; Godfrey, K M; Gluckman, P D; CHONG YAP SENG ; FABIAN YAP KOK PENG ; MICHAEL S KRAMER ; LEE YUNG SENG 
14-Apr-2017Faster eating rates are associated with higher energy intakes during an ad libitum meal, higher BMI and greater adiposity among 4·5-year-old children: Results from the Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes (GUSTO) cohortFogel, Anna; Goh, Ai Ting; Fries, Lisa R; Sadananthan, Suresh A; Velan, S Sendhil; Michael, Navin; Mya Thway Tint ; Fortier, Marielle V; Chan, Mei Jun; Toh, Jia Ying; CHONG YAP SENG ; Tan, Kok Hian; Yap, Fabian; SHEK PEI-CHI,LYNETTE ; Meaney, Michael J; BROEKMAN BIRIT FROUKJE PHILIPP ; LEE YUNG SENG ; Godfrey, Keith M; MARY CHONG FOONG FONG ; CIARAN GERARD FORDE 
Aug-2017Relation of infant dietary patterns to allergic outcomes in early childhoodLoo, Evelyn Xiu Ling; Sim, Jordan Zheng Ting; Toh, Jia Ying; Goh, Anne; Teoh, Oon Hoe; CHAN YIONG HUAK ; Saw Seang Mei ; Kwek, Kenneth; Tan, Kok Hian; Gluckman, Peter D; Godfrey, Keith M; VAN BEVER,HUGO P S ; Lee Bee Wah ; CHONG YAP SENG ; MARY CHONG FOONG FONG ; SHEK PEI-CHI,LYNETTE 
Sep-2017Analysis of Item-Level Bias in the Bayley-III Language Subscales: The Validity and Utility of Standardized Language Assessment in a Multilingual SettingGoh, Kok Yew Shaun ; Tham, Kwang Hsia Elaine; Magiati, Iliana ; Sim, Litwee; Sanmugam, Shamini; Qiu, Anqi ; Daniel, Mary L.; Broekman, Birit F.P. ; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 93350