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Title: Electronic communications mediated by metal clusters and pi-conjugated systems
Keywords: Electronic communications, metal clusters , pi-conjugated systems
Issue Date: 29-Sep-2003
Citation: WU JIANGUO (2003-09-29). Electronic communications mediated by metal clusters and pi-conjugated systems. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: To understand how polymetallic centers and pi-conjugated systems mediate electronic communications, three model systems are investigated. The first system contains trinuclear complexes which are composed of trimetallic Ag3 and Cu3 cores bridged by three dppm and capped with one or two ferrocenylacetylides, respectively. Electron delocalization mediated by the Cu3 cluster is insignificant. The second system consists of the binuclear complex which contains a linear array of a Pt-Pt-bond and two ferrocenylacetylides and the trinuclear A-frames which are composed of isosceles triangles of Pt2Au. The Pt-Pt bond mediates ground state electronic interactions mostly via inductive and/or magnetic exchange. Addition of an Au ion to the Pt-Pt bond turns off the electronic communication. The third system consists of three A-frame complexes which contain the bimetallic M2 (M = Pt and Pd) and acetylene or vinylidene. Our results show that the metal-ligand pi-back bonding plays a minor role in the electronic interactions. The major electronic interaction go by the ligand-to-metal sigma-donation.
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