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Title: Interaction of polymeric nanoparticles with a model cell membrane - A langmuir film balance technique
Keywords: Langmuir film balance, particle size, PVA, TPGS, lipid monolayer, drug delivery
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2003
Citation: SEOW PEI HSING (2003-12-04). Interaction of polymeric nanoparticles with a model cell membrane - A langmuir film balance technique. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Polymeric nanoparticles are an attractive class of drug delivery system. The uptake of particulates into cells involved mainly endocytotic processes and depends primarily on particle size and surface properties. My objective is to investigate the influence of the physico-chemical properties of polymeric nanoparticles on their interactions with cells, specifically, the effect of particle size and coatings on inter-particle forces and interaction with a cell membrane model. The study was done on the Langmuir film balance and it was found that strength of repulsive inter-particle forces increased with particle size, and the degree of repulsion varied when the particles were coated with different surfactants. The interacting behaviour of the particles with the lipid monolayer (a membrane model) was distinctly different for particles of different sizes, and with different coatings. Finally, it was observed that the different compressed states of the lipid monolayer contributed significantly to its interaction with the particles.
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