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Title: Lutetium Ion Spectroscopy
Authors: ARIFIN
Keywords: Lutetium, Spectroscopy, Clock, Ion, Atomic, Laser
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2014
Citation: ARIFIN (2014-08-21). Lutetium Ion Spectroscopy. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: We are exploring the possibility of using Lutetium ion as a potential clock candidate. Singly ionized Lutetium is iso-electronic to neutral Barium and thus transitions from the ground state to the metastable D states hold the possibility of multiple clock transitions. As suggested by Yudin, multiple clock transitions within a single ion provide a promising avenue to suppress the black body radiation shift. In addition to the clock transitions, Lu II also possesses a cyclic transition at 646nm suitable for Doppler cooling and state detection purposes. This project aims to utilize this detection cycle to search for the 848nm clock transition. Laser Induced Fluorescence spectroscopy was performed to determine the relevant wavelengths. Having the laser systems assembled, we performed excitations on this clock transition. Using a frequency comb, we measured the upper and lower bounds of this clock transition. Other potential clock transitions in Lu II were also investigated.
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