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Title: Inheritance of the snakeskin color pattern in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata
Authors: Phang, V.P.E. 
Ng, L.N.
Fernando, A.A.
Issue Date: Sep-1989
Citation: Phang, V.P.E.,Ng, L.N.,Fernando, A.A. (1989-09). Inheritance of the snakeskin color pattern in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata. Journal of Heredity 80 (5) : 393-399. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: We made single-pair reciprocal crosses between the Green Snakeskin and Yellow Snakeskin domesticated strains of the guppy, Poecilia reticulata. The two snakeskin strains differ by a single autosomal gene, with the Green Snakeskin strain having the wild-type background coloration caused by the dominant gene (B), whereas the Yellow Snakeskin is homozygous for the recessive blond allele (bb). The snakeskin body and tail patterns characterizing males of these two strains are determined by two genes-Ssb and Sst-that are closely linked on the Y chromosome. The greenish-yellow tail color of the Green Snakeskin strain is mediated by an X-linked dominant gene, Grt. The recessive wild-type allele, Grt+, gives the hyaline tail color. In the Yellow Snakeskin strain, the Grf gene is expressed as a golden-yellow color as a result of the presence of the bb homozygous condition. The putative genotypes of the males and females of the Green Snakeskin strain are BB XGrt YSsb,Sst and BB XGrt XGrt, respectively. Males and females of the Yellow Snakeskin strain have the putative genotypes bb XGrt YSsb,Sst and bb XGrt XGrt, respectively. As a result of crossing over between the X and Y chromosomes, a few males and females of these two snakeskin strains may carry one or both snakeskin pattern genes (Ssb and Sst) on the X chromosome. © 1989 The American Genetic Association.
Source Title: Journal of Heredity
ISSN: 00221503
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