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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21Jun-2018How to Train Your Speaker Embeddings ExtractorM. McLaren; D. Castán; M. K. Nandwana; L. Ferrer; Yilmaz E. 
221-Aug-2010An Improved Algorithm for Blind Reverberation Time EstimationHeinrich W. Löllmann; Yilmaz E. ; Marco Jeub; Peter Vary
232016Investigating Bilingual Deep Neural Networks for Automatic Recognition of Code-switching Frisian SpeechYIlmaz E. ; Van Den Heuvel H.; Van Leeuwen D.
242018Language diarization for semi-supervised bilingual acoustic model trainingYilmaz E. ; McLaren M.; Van Den Heuvel H.; Van Leeuwen D.A.
252014Learning like a toddler: Watching television series to learn vocabulary from images and audioYilmaz E. ; Rematas K.; Tuytelaars T.; Van Hamme H.
261-Aug-2017Longitudinal speaker clustering and verification corpus with code-switching Frisian-Dutch speechYilmaz E. ; Jelske Dijkstra; Hans Van de Velde; Frederik Kampstra; Jouke Algra; Henk van den Heuvel; David van Leeuwen
271-Aug-2017Multi-stage DNN training for automatic recognition of dysarthric speechYilmaz E. ; Mario Ganzeboom; Catia Cucchiarini; Helmer Strik
28Sep-2018Multilingual Neural Network Acoustic Modelling for ASR of Under-Resourced English-isiZulu Code-Switched SpeechA. Biswas; F. De Wet; E. Van der Westhuizen; Yilmaz E. ; T. Niesler
292015Noise robust exemplar matching for speech enhancement: Applications to automatic speech recognitionYilmaz E. ; Baby D.; Van Hamme H.
30May-2015Noise Robust Exemplar Matching for Speech Recognition and EnhancementYilmaz E. 
312014Noise robust exemplar matching using sparse representations of speechYilmaz E. ; Gemmeke J.F.; Van Hamme H.
322016Noise robust exemplar matching with alpha-beta divergenceYilmaz E. ; Gemmeke J.F.; Van Hamme H.
332015Noise robust exemplar matching with coupled dictionaries for single-channel speech enhancementYilmaz E. ; Baby D.; Van Hamme H.
34Jun-2013Noise-robust Automatic Speech Recognition with Exemplar-based Sparse Representations Using Multiple Length Adaptive DictionariesYilmaz E. ; J. F. Gemmeke; H. Van hamme
352012Noise-robust digit recognition with exemplar-based sparse representations of variable lengthYilmaz E. ; Gemmeke J.F.; Van Compernolle D.; Van Hamme H.
362018Noise-robust exemplar matching for rescoring query-by-example searchYilmaz E. ; Van Hout J.; Franco H.
372014Noise-robust speech recognition with exemplar-based sparse representations using Alpha-Beta divergenceYilmaz E. ; Gemmeke J.F.; Van Hamme H.
3816-Oct-2016On the development of an ASR-based multimedia game for speech therapy: Preliminary resultsMario Ganzeboom; Yilmaz E. ; Helmer Strik; Catia Cucchiarini
392016Open source speech and language resources for FrisianYilmaz E. ; Van Den Heuvel H.; Dijkstra J.; Van De Velde H.; Kampstra F.; Algra J.; Van Leeuwen D.
4016-Oct-2016Prototype ASR-based multimedia game for speech therapyMario Ganzeboom; Yilmaz E. ; Catia Cucchiarini; Helmer Strik