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Tan, E.-K.
Tan, E.K.
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12000A case-controlled MRI/MRA study of neurovascular contact in hemifacial spasm [3] (multiple letters)Tan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L.; Jankovic J.; Ho S.L.; Cheng P.W.; Wong W.C.
21997A comparative study of the distribution of ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin in prostatic tissues after simultaneous oral ingestionPng J.C.D.; Tan E. ; Foo K.T.; Li M.K.; Cheng C.; Rekhraj I.R.
32015A longitudinal study of non-motor symptom burden in Parkinson's disease after a transition to expert carePrakash K.M. ; Nadkarni N.V. ; Lye W.-K. ; Yong M.-H.; Chew L.-M.; Tan E.-K. 
4Feb-2013A new paradigm emerges from the study of de novo mutations in the context of neurodevelopmental diseaseKu, C.S. ; Polychronakos, C.; Tan, E.K. ; Naidoo, N. ; Pawitan, Y.; Roukos, D.H.; Mort, M.; Cooper, D.N.
52005A PDA-based ECG beat detector for home cardiac careGoh K.W.; Lavanya J.; Kim Y.; Tan E.K. ; Soh C.B.
6Jul-2013A prospective pilot study of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for gait dysfunction in Vascular ParkinsonismYip, C.W.; Cheong, P.W.T.; Green, A.; Prakash, P.K.; Fook-Cheong, S.K.; Tan, E.K. ; Lo, Y.L.
7Apr-2010A randomized controlled trial of rivastigmine in patients with cognitive impairment no dementia because of cerebrovascular diseaseNarasimhalu, K.; Effendy, S.; Sim, C.H.; Lee, J.M.; Chen, I.; Hia, S.B.; Xue, H.L.; Corrales, M.P.; Chang, H.M.; Wong, M.C.; Chen, C.P.; Tan, E.K. 
8Dec-2013A rare lysosomal enzyme gene SMPD1 variant (p.R591C) associates with Parkinson's diseaseFoo, J.-N.; Liany, H.; Bei, J.-X.; Yu, X.-Q.; Liu, J.; Au, W.-L.; Prakash, K.M.; Tan, L.C.; Tan, E.-K. 
92016A trial of focused ultrasound thalamotomy for essential tremorTan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. 
102005A variant in the HS1-BP3 gene is associated with familial essential tremorHiggins J.J.; Lombardi R.Q.; Pucilowska J.; Jankovic J.; Tan E.K. ; Rooney J.P.
112002A young man with parkinsonismThant Z.S.; Chan L.L.; Lim E.; Wong M.C.; Tan E.K. 
122007Acute ataxia, Graves' disease, and stiff person syndromeChia S.-Y.; Chua R.; Lo Y.-L. ; Wong M.-C. ; Chan L.-L. ; Tan E.-K. 
132001Alcohol dehydrogenase polymorphism and Parkinson's diseaseTan E.K. ; Nagamitsu S.; Matsuura T.; Khajavi M.; Jankovic J.; Ondo W.; Ashizawa T.
142003Alpha synuclein promoter and risk of Parkinson's disease: Microsatellite and allelic size variabilityTan E.-K. ; Tan C.; Shen H.; Chai A.; Lum S.-Y.; Teoh M.-L.; Yih Y.; Wong M.-C.; Zhao Y.
152005Alpha-synuclein mRNA expression in sporadic Parkinson's diseaseTan E.-K. ; Chandran V.R.; Fook-Chong S. ; Shen H.; Yew K.; Teoh M.-L.; Yuen Y.; Zhao Y.
162014Amyloid precursor protein regulates neurogenesis by antagonizing miR-574-5p in the developing cerebral cortexZhang W.; Thevapriya S.; Kim P.J.; Yu W.-P.; Je H.S.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
172004An urge to move with L-thyroxine: Clinical, biochemical and, polysomnographic correlationTan E.-K. ; Ho S.-C.; Koh L.; Pavanni R. 
182006Analysis of 14 LRRK2 mutations in Parkinson's plus syndromes and late-onset Parkinson's diseaseTan E.-K. ; Skipper L.; Chua E.; Wong M.-C. ; Pavanni R. ; Bonnard C.; Kolatkar P. ; Liu J.-J.
192012Analysis of a genome-wide association study-linked locus (CCR6) in Asian rheumatoid arthritisTeng E.; Leong K.P.; Li H.H.; Thong B.; Koh E.T.; Loi P.L.; Zhao Y.; Tan E.K. 
2010-Aug-2010Analysis of GWAS-linked loci in Parkinson disease reaffirms PARK16 as a susceptibility locusTan, E.-K. ; Kwok, H.-K.; Tan, L.C.; Zhao, W.-T.; Prakash, K.M.; Au, W.-L.; Pavanni, R.; Ng, Y.-Y.; Satake, W.; Zhao, Y.; Toda, T.; Liu, J.-J.