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Kua, Harn Wei
Kua, H.W.
Kua Harn Wei
Kua, H.-W.
Kua, Harnwei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003The Job Creation Potential of Environmental PoliciesKua, H. W. 
22001Pathways to Sustainable Industrial Transformations: Co-optimizing Competitiveness, Employment and EnvironmentAshford, N.; Hafkamp, W.; Prakke, F; Vergragt, P.; Bakker, A.; Kemp, R.; Kua, H. W. ; Quist, J.; B ter Weel; G Zwetsloot
32017Life cycle assessment of antibiotic mycelial residues management in ChinaChen W.; Geng Y.; Hong J.; Kua H.W. ; Xu C.; Yu N.
42008Jatropha's potential in promoting sustainable developmentKua, H. W. 
5May-2013Integrated Sustainability Policy and Governance FrameworkKua, H.W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
62007Information flow and its significance in coherently integrated policymaking for promoting energy efficiencyKua H.W. 
72002Hands-on Study of Sustainable and Natural Building Materials for Affordable Housing in TanzaniaKua, H. W. 
82001Flexible Modular Manufactured Construction, Case Study for the "Pathways Project"Kua, H. W. ; Ashford, N.; Hafkamp, W.
92010Expanding resource availability by mining and avoiding landfills – a need for an integrated technology and policy approachKua H.-W. 
102010Editorial: Policy and legislative architecture to deal with climate change and sustainable development in a post-kyoto frameworkKua, H.-W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
112010Corporate Sustainable-developmental Responsibility (CSdR): Corporate Fulfilling Responsible Citizenship for a Sustainable WorldKua, H. W. 
122001Comparison of Energy Technologies In China, Japan And Taiwan: A Multi-Methodological ApproachKua, H. W. ; Kazimi, M.
132017Charting the Future of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: A Special IssueGloria T.; Guinée J.; Kua H.W. ; Singh B.; Lifset R.
142017Autonomous healing in concrete by bio-based healing agents - A reviewGupta S.; Pang S.D. ; Kua H.W. 
152011Approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptaton - the cases of Mauritius and SingaporeGunawansa, A. ; Lutchmeeduth, B.; Kua, H. W. ; Piana, V.
162005Application of Technology in Energy and the EnvironmentBodek, K.; Boonyongmaneerat, Y.; Deora, T.; Donnelly, K.; Hrabar, A.; Kua, H. W. ; Lewis, M.
172012Analysing the life cycle greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption of a multi-storied commercial building in Singapore from an extended system boundary perspectiveKua, H.W. ; Wong, C.L.
182011Addressing a missing element in the Toledo Declaration with industrial ecologyKua, H. W.