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Kua, Harn Wei
Kua, H.W.
Kua Harn Wei
Kua, H.-W.
Kua, Harnwei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
212005Application of Technology in Energy and the EnvironmentBodek, K.; Boonyongmaneerat, Y.; Deora, T.; Donnelly, K.; Hrabar, A.; Kua, H. W. ; Lewis, M.
222011Approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptaton - the cases of Mauritius and SingaporeGunawansa, A. ; Lutchmeeduth, B.; Kua, H. W. ; Piana, V.
232016Are people responsive to a more sustainable, decentralized, and user-driven management of urban metabolism?Chelleri L.; Kua H.W. ; Sanchez J.P.R.; Md Nahiduzzaman K.; Thondhlana G.
24Jun-2013Attributional and consequential life cycle inventory assessment of recycling copper slag as building material in SingaporeKua, H.-W. 
252017Autonomous healing in concrete by bio-based healing agents - A reviewGupta S.; Pang S.D. ; Kua H.W. 
262008Beyond Gold: Improving the Clean Development Mechanism and Gold Standard with Sustainability-ratingKua, H. W. 
272005Biopolymers and Biocomposites, including Natural FibersFernandez, J.; Kua H. W. 
282009Carbon sequestration in a green chimney: enhanced carbon dioxide removal by mung beans under high concentrationsKua, H. W. ; Teo C. J. ; Ong, B. L. 
292017Charting the Future of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: A Special IssueGloria T.; Guinée J.; Kua H.W. ; Singh B.; Lifset R.
302009Climate Change Must Be Tackled Within the Framework of Sustainability.Kua H.W. 
312004Co-optimisation through increasing willingness, opportunity and capacity: A generalisable concept of appropriate technology transfer.Kua H.W. ; Ashford N. A.
322002Co-optimizing for sustainability as a guiding principle for sustainable constructionKua, H. W. ; Ashford N.
332006Coherent Policymaking Frame: A Model for Effective Policymaking and Communication for SustainabilityKua, H. W. ; Fernandez J.; Ochsendorf J.
342017Combination of polypropylene fibre and superabsorbent polymer to improve physical properties of cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Pang S. D
352009Common but Differentiated Responsibilities: A Mosaic Strategy for Copenhagen Agreement and BeyondPiana, V.; Kua, H. W. 
362001Comparison of Energy Technologies In China, Japan And Taiwan: A Multi-Methodological ApproachKua, H. W. ; Kazimi, M.
372009Corporate Sustainable-developmental Responsibility (CSdR)Kua, H. W. 
382009Corporate Sustainable-developmental Responsibility (CSdR) - A Creative Governance Approach to Change the Organizational RoutinesKua, H. W. 
392010Corporate Sustainable-developmental Responsibility (CSdR): Corporate Fulfilling Responsible Citizenship for a Sustainable WorldKua, H. W. 
402010CSdR Singapore - applying creative governance concept to corporate sustainability through co-generative action researchKua H.W.