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Kua, Harn Wei
Kua, H.W.
Kua Harn Wei
Kua, H.-W.
Kua, Harnwei
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Department:  BUILDING

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2014A comparison of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for the construction industries of three coastal territoriesGunawansa, A. ; Kua, H.W. 
22010A multi-scale analysis of possible conflicts between climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives in the building industry and human settlementKua, H.W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
32010A review of some key climate change legislations and policies: lessons for Singapore's construction industryGunawansa, A. ; Kua, H.W. 
42010A total building performance approach to evaluating building acoustics performanceMahbub, A.S.; Kua, H.-W. ; Lee, S.-E. 
52012Analysing the life cycle greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption of a multi-storied commercial building in Singapore from an extended system boundary perspectiveKua, H.W. ; Wong, C.L.
6Jun-2013Attributional and consequential life cycle inventory assessment of recycling copper slag as building material in SingaporeKua, H.-W. 
72002Demonstration intelligent building - A methodology for the promotion of total sustainability in the built environmentKua, H.W. ; Lee, S.E. 
82010Editorial: Policy and legislative architecture to deal with climate change and sustainable development in a post-kyoto frameworkKua, H.-W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
92013Energy analysis of semi-transparent BIPV in Singapore buildingsNg, P.K.; Mithraratne, N. ; Kua, H.W. 
102015Helping to build a sustainable future through the greening of industry and its networks: Knowledge sharing and action promotionSarkis Joseph; Vazquez-Brust Diego; De Bruijn Theo; Fischer Kurt; Franco-Garcia Maria Laura; Kamolsiripichaiporn Somporn; Kua Harn Wei ; Lehmann Martin; Kuppusamy Ilangovan
112010Improving the clean development mechanism with sustainability-rating and rewarding systemKua, H.-W. 
122015Integrated policies to promote sustainable use of steel slag for construction - A consequential life cycle embodied energy and greenhouse gas emission perspectiveKua, Harn Wei 
13May-2013Integrated Sustainability Policy and Governance FrameworkKua, H.W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
142012Lessons for integrated household energy conservation policies from an intervention study in SingaporeKua, H.W. ; Wong, S.E.
152013Lessons for integrated household energy conservation policy from Singapore's southwest Eco-living ProgramHe, H.Z.; Kua, H.W. 
162009Lessons on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for the construction industry from three coastal citiesGunawansa, A. ; Kua, H.W. 
172016Toward a more integrated and holistic assessment framework for life cycle modeling: Life cycle sustainability unified analysisKua, Harn Wei