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Kua, Harn Wei
Kua, H.W.
Kua Harn Wei
Kua, H.-W.
Kua, Harnwei
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1Jan-2014A comparison of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for the construction industries of three coastal territoriesGunawansa, A. ; Kua, H.W. 
22010A multi-scale analysis of possible conflicts between climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives in the building industry and human settlementKua, H.W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
32010A review of some key climate change legislations and policies: lessons for Singapore's construction industryGunawansa, A. ; Kua, H.W. 
42010A total building performance approach to evaluating building acoustics performanceMahbub, A.S.; Kua, H.-W. ; Lee, S.-E. 
52016"Active" hydroponic greenhouse system to kick-start and augment reforestation program through carbon sequestration - An experimental and theoretical feasibility studyKu H.W. ; Tok C.T.; Suresh A. ; Ong B.L.
62014An attributional and consequential life cycle assessment of substituting concrete with bricksKua H.W. ; Kamath S.
72016Applicability of using time series subsequences to study office plug load appliancesKalluri B.; Kamilaris A.; Kondepudi S. ; Kua H.W. ; Tham K.W. 
82018Application of biochar from food and wood waste as green admixture for cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Koh H.J.
92016Are people responsive to a more sustainable, decentralized, and user-driven management of urban metabolism?Chelleri L.; Kua H.W. ; Sanchez J.P.R.; Md Nahiduzzaman K.; Thondhlana G.
10Jun-2013Attributional and consequential life cycle inventory assessment of recycling copper slag as building material in SingaporeKua, H.-W. 
112009Climate Change Must Be Tackled Within the Framework of Sustainability.Kua H.W. 
122004Co-optimisation through increasing willingness, opportunity and capacity: A generalisable concept of appropriate technology transfer.Kua H.W. ; Ashford N. A.
132017Combination of polypropylene fibre and superabsorbent polymer to improve physical properties of cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Pang S. D
142010CSdR Singapore - applying creative governance concept to corporate sustainability through co-generative action researchKua H.W. 
152002Demonstration intelligent building - A methodology for the promotion of total sustainability in the built environmentKua, H.W. ; Lee, S.E. 
162018Effect of water entrainment by pre-soaked biochar particles on strength and permeability of cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. 
172016Encapsulation technology and techniques in self-healing concreteSouradeep G.; Kua H.W. 
182013Energy analysis of semi-transparent BIPV in Singapore buildingsNg, P.K.; Mithraratne, N. ; Kua, H.W. 
192016Environmental impacts of substituting tempered glass with polycarbonate in construction - An attributional and consequential life cycle perspectiveKua H.W. ; Lu Y. 
202017Factors determining the potential of biochar as a carbon capturing and sequestering construction material: Critical review.Kua H.W. ; Gupta S.