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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Academic entrepreneurship in Asia: The role and impact of universities in national innovation SystemsWong, P.K. 
2010Additive manufacturing technologies: Rapid prototyping to direct digital manufacturingGibson, I. ; Rosen, D.W.; Stucker, B.
2010Advanced applications and structures in XML processing: Label streams, semantics utilization and data query technologiesLi, C.; Ling, T.W. 
2008Advances in government enterprise architectureSaha, P. 
2011Agent-based coordination framework for disruption management in a chemical supply chainBehdani, B.; Lukszo, Z.; Adhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R. 
2010American Buddhism as a way of lifeStorhoff, G.; Whalen-Bridge, J. 
2005An introduction to meshfree methods and their programmingLiu, G.R. ; Gu, Y.T. 
1997Analysing the Singapore ICE Corpus for Lexicographic EvidenceOoi, V.B.Y. 
2010Art and technology of entertainment computing and communication: Advances in interactive new media for entertainment computingCheok, A.D. 
2004Asia in Europe Europe in AsiaRavi, S.; Goh, B.-L. ; Rutten, M.
2012Asian migration policy: South, Southeast and East AsiaRahman, M.M. ; Ullah, A.K.M.A.
2002Aspects of Computer-Mediated Communication for Research in Corpus LinguisticsOoi, V.B.Y. 
2012Autonomy and armed separatism in South and Southeast AsiaMiller, M.A. 
2007Bayesian network technologies: Applications and graphical modelsMittal, A.; Kassim, A. 
1-Jan-2011Carbon nanotubes: From bench chemistry to promising biomedical applicationsPastorin, G. 
2011Chemical-Induced Seizures: Mechanisms, Consequences and TreatmentTang, F.R. ; Loke, W.K
2005Christianity in Southeast AsiaGoh, R.B.H. 
2011Climate change and sustainable urban development in Africa and AsiaYuen, B. ; Kumssa, A.
2011Codification, macaulay and the indian penal code: The legacies and modern challenges of criminal law reformChan, W.-C. ; Wright, B.; Yeo, S. 
2009Collaborative design and planning for digital manufacturingWang, L.; Nee, A.Y.C.