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2018Automated analysis of gait and modified timed up and go using the Microsoft Kinect in people with Parkinson�s disease: associations with physical outcome measuresTan D. ; Pua Y.-H.; Balakrishnan S.; Scully A.; Bower K.J.; Prakash K.M. ; Tan E.-K. ; Chew J.-S.; Poh E.; Tan S.-B. ; Clark R.A.
2018Defining the diagnostic effectiveness of genes for inclusion in panels: the experience of two decades of genetic testing for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at a single centerMazzarotto F.; Girolami F.; Boschi B.; Barlocco F.; Tomberli A.; Baldini K.; Coppini R.; Tanini I.; Bardi S.; Contini E.; Cecchi F.; Pelo E.; Cook S.A. ; Cerbai E.; Poggesi C.; Torricelli F.; Walsh R.; Olivotto I.
2018Importance of Sex-Specific Regression Models to Estimate Synthetic Hematocrit and Extracellular Volume FractionLim E.-H.; Le T.-T.; Bryant J.; Chung Y.-C.; Su B.; Gan J.; Hausenloy D.J.; Cook S.A. ; Chin C.W.L.
2018No association of DNM3 with age of onset in Asian Parkinson's diseaseFoo J.N.; Tan L.C.; Au W.-L.; Prakash K.-M.; Liu J.; Tan E.-K. 
2018Non-motor symptoms in early Parkinson's disease with different motor subtypes and their associations with quality of lifeHuang X.; Ng S.Y.-E.; Chia N.S.-Y.; Setiawan F.; Tay K.-Y. ; Au W.-L. ; Tan E.-K. ; Tan L.C.-S. 
2018Serum uric acid level and its association with motor subtypes and non-motor symptoms in early Parkinson's disease: PALS studyHuang X.; Ng S.Y.-E.; Chia N.S.-Y.; Acharyya S. ; Setiawan F.; Lu Z.-H.; Ng E.; Tay K.-Y. ; Au W.-L. ; Tan E.-K. ; Tan L.C.-S.