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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jan- 10The Changing Dynamics of Policy Experiment in Singapore: Does the 2011 General Election Make a Difference?Celia Lee; Liang Ma; Yishu Zhou 
7-Feb- 14The Subaltern Subject and Early Modern Taxonomies: Indianization and Racialization of the Japanese OutcasteTimothy Amos 
8-Jun- 14Minimum Distance Estimation for the Generalized Pareto DistributionPiao Chen ; Zhisheng Ye ; Xingqiu Zhao
8-Apr- 9East Asia's Growing Global Influence and Challenges in Finance and TradeTomoo Kikuchi 
10-May- 10Youthful Futures? Aspirations, Education and Employment in Asia?Suzanne Naafs; Tracey Skelton 
7-Feb- 16Antagonist muscle co-contraction during a double-leg landing maneuver at two heightsHossein Mokhtarzadeh; Chen Hua Yeow ; James Goh ; Denny Oetomo; Katie Ewing; Peter Vee Sin Lee
8-Apr- 17Building Early Academic Career Capacity Through MentoringMichelle Cleary; Debra Jackson; Jan Sayers; Violeta Lopez 
10-Mar- 19Thoughts about Lloyd's Multidimensionality of RealityHui-chieh Loy 
9-Apr- 19Neighborhood effects for ageing in place: A transdisciplinary framework toward health-promoting settingsDaniel Rong Yao Gan
14A comprehensive survey of ubiquitous manufacturing researchX. Wang; S. K. Ong ; A Y C Nee 
8-Apr- 20K+-Cl? co-transporter 2 (KCC2)–a membrane trafficking perspectiveBor Luen Tang 
5-Sep- 20Structural-functionalism redux: adaptation to climate change and the challenge of a science-driven policy agendaAdam Wellstead; Michael Howlett ; Jeremy Rayner
8-Dec- 21Integrating Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension, and Diabetes with HIV Services: A Systematic ReviewVictoria Haldane ; Helena Legido-Quigley ; Fiona Chuah ; Louise Sigfrid; Georgina Murphy; Suan Ee Ong ; Francisco Cervero-Liceras ; Nicola Watt; Dina Balabanova; Sue Hogarth; Will Maimaris; Kent Buse; Martin McKee; Peter Piot; Pablo Perel
8-Apr- 17Sunflowers, Youthful Protestors and Political Achievements: Lessons from TaiwanYu-Chieh Hsieh; Tracey Skelton 
7-Feb- 23Modulation of grape wine flavor via the sequential inoculation of Williopsis saturnus and Saccharomyces cerevisiaeYuyun Lu ; Jannice Chew Hui Peh; Pin Rou Lee; S.-Q. Liu 
7-Oct- 23Spotlight Article: Uncertainty in dam safety risk analysisPhoon Kok-Kwang 
9-Mar- 25Economic and Financial Interconnections and Income Growth Convergence in Asia: A Real-Financial Nexus?Tony Cavoli; Sasidaran Gopalan 
20Laser spectroscopy of 176Lu+Rattakorn Kaewuam; Arpan Roy; Ting Rei Tan ; Kyle Arnold; Murray Barrett 
8-Oct- 26Effects of nursery table slope orientation on coral survival and growthRosa Celia Du ; Kok Ben Toh ; Tai Chong Toh ; Chin Soon Lionel Ng ; Daisuke Taira ; Hai Xin Loke ; Lutfi Afiq-Rosli ; Loke Ming Chou ; Tian Cheng Song; Patrick Cabaitan 
9-Jul- 29Understanding co-production as a policy tool: integrating new public governance and comparative policy theoryMichael Howlett ; Anka Kekez; Ora Poocharoen