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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20103D profile simulation of metal nanostructures obtained by closely packed nanosphere lithographyZhou, X.; Liu, K.Y.; Knoll, W.; Quan, C. ; Zhang, N.
2009A revisit of generative model for automatic image annotation using markov random fieldsXiang, Y.; Zhou, X.; Chua, T.-S. ; Ngo, C.-W.
2007A rule-based expert server system for multimedia transmissionZhou, X.; Ong, K. 
10-Nov-2005Accessibility of compact structures and prion-like protein folding propertyChen, H. ; Chan, G.K. ; Chih, Y.L. ; Zhou, X.
2009Adaptive model for integrating different types of associated texts for automated annotation of Web imagesXu, H.; Zhou, X.; Lin, L.; Wang, M.; Chua, T.-S. 
3-Dec-2010Amphiphilic graphene compositesQi, X.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Li, H.; Zhou, X.; Wu, S.; Fan, Q.-L.; Liu, B. ; Boey, F.; Huang, W.; Zhang, H.
6-Jun-2005Appropriate quantization of asymmetric games with continuous strategiesQin, G.; Chen, X.; Sun, M.; Zhou, X.; Du, J. 
2011Assessing age-related performance decrements in user interface tasksZhou, X.; Zhao, S. ; Chignell, M.; Ren, X.
2008Automatic image annotation via local multi-label classificationWang, M.; Zhou, X.; Chua, T.-S. 
1-Dec-2008Bottapotamon Nanan, a new species of freshwater crab (decapoda, brachyura, potamidae) from Fujian Province, ChinaZhou, X.; Zhu, C.; Naruse, T. 
2012Community answer summarization for multi-sentence question with group L1 regularizationChan, W.; Zhou, X.; Wang, W.; Chua, T.-S. 
2002Comparison of wavelet and cosine basis for representation of arbitrarily shaped image segmentsLiu, Y.; Ranganath, S. ; Zhou, X.
8-Mar-2010Conjugated-polyelectrolyte-functionalized reduced graphene oxide with excellent solubility and stability in polar solventsQi, X.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Zhou, X.; Li, H.; Liu, B. ; Boey, F.; Huang, W.; Zhang, H.
Jun-2013Conversion of acid hydrolysate of oil palm empty fruit bunch to L-lactic acid by newly isolated Bacillus coagulans JI12Ye, L.; Hudari, M.S.B.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, D.; Li, Z. ; Wu, J.C.
2007Design and fabrication of gold nanostructures with nanosphere lithography for LSPR applicationsZhou, X.; Knoll, W.; Oh, S.S.Y.; Virasawmy, S. ; Yen, L.W.; Zhang, N.
2008Design of MEMS devices with optical apertures for the detection of transparent biological cellsZhou, X.; Poenar, D.P.; Liu, K.Y.; Tse, M.S.; Heng, C.-K. ; Tan, S.N.
Jun-2008Discrete LQ rate control for MPEG2 video streaming systemZhou, X.; Ong, K. 
2006Discrete LQ rate control schedule system for multimedia transmissionZhou, X.; Ong, K. 
Feb-2011Dynamics of Land Surface Temperature in Response to Land-Use/Cover ChangeZhou, X.; Wang, Y.-C. 
Aug-2003Effects of precursor solution pH value and substrate texture on orientation degree of sol-gel-derived bismuth titanate thin filmsGu, H.; Cao, W.; Song, R.; Zhou, X.; Wang, J.