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7-Nov-20121,1'-Bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene in functional molecular materialsYoung, D.J.; Chien, S.W. ; Hor, T.S.A. 
15-Jan-2006Combinative use of high-pressure, metal-templating and sulfur- nucleophilicity towards dithiacyclophane synthesis and its complex intermediatesChong, S.H.; Young, D.J.; Andy Hor, T.S. 
24-May-2013Enhanced emission and analyte sensing by cinchonine iridium(III) cyclometalated complexes bearing bent diphosphine chelatorsLuo, S.-X.; Wei, L.; Zhang, X.-H.; Lim, M.H.; Lin, K.X.V.; Yeo, M.H.V.; Zhang, W.-H.; Liu, Z.-P.; Young, D.J.; Hor, T.S.A. 
2010Functionalized 1,2,3-triazoles as building blocks for photoluminescent POLOs (polymers of oligomers) of copper(i)Bai, S.-Q. ; Kwang, J.Y.; Koh, L.L. ; Young, D.J.; Hor, T.S.A. 
7-May-2011N-heterocyclic carbene Pt(ii) complexes from caffeine: Synthesis, structures and photoluminescent propertiesHu, J.J. ; Bai, S.-Q. ; Yeh, H.H.; Young, D.J.; Chi, Y.; Hor, T.S.A. 
1-Feb-2011Nitrogen-rich azoles as ligand spacers in coordination polymersBai, S.-Q. ; Young, D.J.; Hor, T.S.A. 
22-Sep-2008Palladium-free Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling at elevated pressuresGuo, Y.; Young, D.J.; Andy Hor, T.S. 
25-Apr-2011Phosphorescent emitters from natural products: Cinchonine-derived iridium(III) complexesZhang, W. ; Hu, J. ; Young, D.J.; Hor, T.S.A. 
2007Pressure-assisted hetero- and homodialkylation of sulfide in [Pt 2(μ-S)2(dppp)2]: One-pot conversion of {Pt2(μ-S)2} into Pt2(SR)2J and {Pt2(SR)(SR′)}Chong, S.H.; Young, D.J.; Hor, T.S.A. 
23-Jan-2012Soluble phosphorescent iridium(iii) complexes from cinchonine-derived ligandsZhang, W.-H. ; Zhang, X.-H.; Tan, A.L.; Anna Yong, M.; Young, D.J.; Andy Hor, T.S. 
25-Apr-2014Stitching 2D polymeric layers into flexible interpenetrated metal-organic frameworks within single crystalsZhang, Z.-X.; Ding, N.-N.; Zhang, W.-H.; Chen, J.-X.; Young, D.J.; Hor, T.S.A. 
21-Jan-2014Stoichiometric sensitivity and structural diversity in click-active copper(I) N,S-heterocyclic carbene complexesHan, X.; Weng, Z. ; Young, D.J.; Jin, G.-X.; Andy Hor, T.S. 
7-Jul-1998Synthesis of fully sulfonated polyaniline: A novel approach using oxidative polymerisation under high pressure in the liquid phaseChan, H.S.O. ; Neuendorf, A.J.; Ng, S.-C. ; Wong, P.M.L.; Young, D.J.
2000Synthesis of the water-soluble, electrically conducting poly(5-aminonaphthalene-2-sulfonic acid)Atkinson, S.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Neuendorf, A.J.; Ng, S.C. ; Ong, T.T. ; Young, D.J.
Jul-1997The in vitro Antitumour Activity of Substituted Dibutyl-1,3,2-dioxastannolanesNg, S.C. ; Parsons, P.G.; Sim, K.Y. ; Tranter, C.J.; White, R.H.; Young, D.J.
2009Unexpected coordination difference in geometric-isomerism between N,S- and N,N-heterocyclic carbenes in cyclometallated platinum(ii)Yen, S.K. ; Young, D.J.; Huynh, H.V. ; Koh, L.L. ; Hor, T.S.A. 
7-Feb-2012Zinc, cobalt and copper coordination polymers with different structural motifs from picolyl-triazole hybrid ligandsBai, S.-Q. ; Yong, A.M.; Hu, J.J. ; Young, D.J.; Zhang, X.; Zong, Y.; Xu, J.; Zuo, J.-L.; Hor, T.S.A.